I'm the creator of Fliplist. I originally built Fliplist on Bubble in 2017 to solve the common problem of tracking and managing online inventory purchases for Amazon Book Sellers.

However, I found myself growing Fliplist far past a Minimum Viable Product, and into a whole suite of internal tools for my business. I am now in the process of relaunching and releasing these parts of my business to Amazon Sellers and Bubble Developers, who may find value in my lessons and products.

By using Bubble, a no code visual development tool, I've been able to automate the majority of my Amazon Flipping Business, especially the boring parts. Doing so has allowed me to narrow my focus on Long-Tail, High-Margin opportunities in the Collectible Books Category.

By leveraging No Code, I've been able to gradually lower my working hours while rapidly growing my profitability. By pursuing the power of no code automation, I have created the benefit of following my own interests, while retaining space and time to be present and involved with my wife and kids on a daily basis.

My hope is that more business owners can take advantage of these relatively new and powerful no code tools as well.

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